I love kids

First and foremost, great teachers must love what they teach. And, let’s face it, we really don’t teach art, we teach kids, our world’s most priceless asset!

I love art

Creativity is key to being a successful art teacher. Knowing how to creatively utilize a variety of mediums and sharing these techniques with students is an important part of the education.

I continually create art, exhibit art in some way, and share my talent with my students.

i advocate for the arts

Quality visual art education is essential for educating the whole child. I am a dedicated teacher who is deeply committed and believe there is nothing more important than kids and creativity.


As a teacher, it is my job to stimulate and encourage thinking rather than to only provide answers and resolve problems.  I feel that the most effective way to teach is by being as actively engaged in the learning processes are the students are.  We live, work, learn and play in a world that is complex and diverse, so my goal is to embrace and celebrate that diversity and use it to our advantage when creating Art. In a complex world such as ours, we need a variety of viewpoints, abilities, and values to increase our worldview. This will ultimately promote an environment that not only tolerates diversity, but celebrates the differences in all of us. For the most part, I am the “fun” teacher and most of the students say they love Art. I want to have the classroom that everyone loves to come to, so I try to make a conscious decision every day to be energetic, enthusiastic, and receptive to my students.

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I am an artist that teaches.


​My creativity and craft lie in developing ways for students - children and adults alike - to learn how to use imagination to express their ideas. I truly believe that art is for everyone to love and explore. I incorporate encouragement and inspiration into my teaching philosophy and promote a growth mindset by valuing the process of creating over the final products. By teaching interactive art, I am directly engaging all students and challenging a "talent-driven" mindset. 

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